erin davis freelance writer

“A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.” 
― George Lucas

We might as well get it out of the way; I have a slight obsession with Star Wars. Why wouldn’t I? It’s one of the greatest examples of cinematic storytelling. It’s my belief that a story—properly told—is a special effect. Writing doesn’t require bells and whistles to percolate the imagination. Rather, it requires an imagination from the start. Therefore, in the spirit of storytelling, here’s my story:

I wrote my first book in 2nd grade. It was my adaptation of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book entitled, Santa and the Christmas Horn. With meticulously crafted stick-figure illustrations and alternate story endings, it was a masterpiece in the making.

Following the inward success of Santa and the Christmas Horn, I lived my own Choose Your Own Adventure, incorporating story lines such as school, marriage, more school, a baby, more school, more babies (two at once), and a writing career.

My work has appeared in Better LivingKC Baby, Raising Arizona Kids, HowtoRaiseTwins.com, MultiplicityMultiples and More, HoldItBaby.com, DoOver.com and numerous other websites. I’m a monthly Entertaining feature writer for McClatchy Tribune  News Wire, which includes The Sacramento Bee, The San Luis Obispo Tribune, Idaho Statesman, Lexington Herald-Leader, Sun Herald, The Kansas City Star, The News & Observer, Miami Herald, and more. My experience also branches into copywriting and editing. I provide ongoing imaginative, unique and page-popping content for clients of Cutting Edge Concepts, a web-design business based in BC.

My first children’s book, “Stick to it Chick” (Finn-Phillis Press, Inc.) was released in April, 2015.

Presently I work as a staff writer for Farotech, in addition to contributing ongoing content for Tribune Content Agency and AZ Big Media as well as other freelance writing projects. When I’m not writing for someone else, I’m writing children’s books. In my other two seconds of spare time you’ll find me visiting schools, libraries, the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, and other venues where I can help inspire kids to love writing as much as I do. Otherwise, I’m hanging with my three girls, dog, two cats, two birds and the occasional goldfish.

If you’d like to talk writing, Star Wars or coffee…Shoot me a Line

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